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At Gio Immigration Consulting, we understand the critical importance of maintaining your Permanent Resident status in Canada. Our dedicated team of permanent resident consultants is here to assist you through the renewal process of your PR card, ensuring it is seamless and stress-free.

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Why Renew Your PR Card?

Your PR card is your passport to seamless travel into and out of Canada, proving your legal residency status. As PR cards typically expire after five years, it’s essential to renew your card to avoid any travel disruptions or prove your status within Canada. 

To be eligible for your PR card renewal, you must:

Application Process Simplified

Our experienced immigration PR card renewal professionals will guide you through filling out the IMM 5444e application form and gathering the necessary documentation, which includes:

Swift and Secure Processing

We handle every aspect of the PR renewal process, from document collection to submission. The processing time generally extends up to 90 days, but our team ensures that all applications meet the stringent criteria to avoid unnecessary delays.

Fees and Payment

A nominal fee of $50 is required for the PR card renewal process. At Gio Immigration Consulting, we facilitate the online payment process, making it easy and quick for you.

Receiving Your New PR Card

Residents within Canada will receive their new PR cards by mail. If you face any delays or issues, our team is ready to assist you in contacting the relevant authorities to ascertain the status of your renewal.

Expert Assistance When You Need It

At Gio Immigration Consulting, we pride ourselves on providing detailed and supportive assistance for your PR card renewal needs. Contact us today to ensure your status as a permanent resident remains uninterrupted.

Comprehensive Support Beyond Renewal

We don't just help you renew your PR card; our team at Gio Immigration Consulting ensures that you're fully informed on maintaining your permanent resident status. We provide up-to-date advice on complying with residency obligations and handling any changes that might affect your status.

Tailored Consultations for Unique Situations

Every individual’s situation is unique, and sometimes complex issues arise. Whether you have not met the residency requirements or have lost your PR card while outside Canada, our permanent resident consultants offer personalized consultations to navigate complex situations effectively.

Stay Informed with Gio Immigration Consulting

We believe in keeping our clients informed throughout the renewal process. Our experts provide regular updates and are always available to answer any questions you may have. We also offer resources on our website to help you understand each step of the process.

Future Planning and Advice

Your journey doesn't end with renewing your PR card. We assist you in planning for the future, whether it’s applying for Canadian citizenship or sponsoring family members to join you in Canada. Our experts provide strategic advice tailored to your long-term goals.

Why Choose Us?

Expert Knowledge

Our consultants are well-versed in Canadian immigration laws and have years of experience assisting clients with their PR renewals.

Personalized Service

We understand that each client has unique needs, and we tailor our services to meet those specific needs.

Timely Results

We prioritize efficient processing to ensure you receive your renewed PR card as soon as possible.

Transparent Communication

You’ll never be in the dark about where you stand in the renewal process. Our team maintains open lines of communication throughout.

Ready to Renew?

If your PR card is nearing expiration, don’t wait. Contact us today to ensure you continue to enjoy the benefits of being a permanent resident of Canada. Our friendly team is ready to guide you every step of the way.

Visit our website or call us directly to begin your application process with professionals you can trust. We look forward to assisting you in maintaining your status and planning for a successful future in Canada.

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What our clients say

"I cannot express enough gratitude for the exceptional services provided by GIO immigration. I had troubles with my parents PR card. What sets GIO Immigration apart is their genuine care and empathy for their clients. They take time to attentively listen to concerns, questions, and guide them through the tough process. They are the reason that my parents were able to receive their PR cards."
Avleen S
GIO Immigration PR Client
"I need to express gratitude toward GIO Immigration for assisting me with getting my spousal PR. Mrs. Jagdeep Kaur is extremely considerate and consistently there to address my inquiries immediately. She has been very supportive and helpful throughout the application process."​
GIO Immigration PR Client

Frequently asked questions

You asked.
We answered.

You asked. We answered.

The government fee for renewing a PR Card is $50. This fee is for processing your application. Another fee you would pay is an immigration consulting or lawyer fee. You will find GIO Immigration has reasonable fees and a fast turnaround time. Contact us for more details.

During your application, you will have to submit certain documents which prove to the government you need an urgent renewal. We have dealt with this situation many times and can represent you best to increase the chances of an urgent renewal.

Yes, you can lose your PR status. This can happen because of reasons like residence requirements, criminality, misrepresentation, and inadmissibility. 

You will have to apply using a specific PRTD form and submit all the relevant information. GIO Immigration can also take care of this process for you.

Yes, we do. We’ve dealt with this situation many times. We can gather your information and represent your case. Contact us today.

Yes, it’s possible. You will have to fill out an application and attach the relevant documents to ensure the name change happens. 

Immigration consultants can be helpful by gathering all the information specific to your situation. They can give you the best route to achieve your immigration goals. Immigration consultants can save you time and make your immigration journey much easier. Contact us for a free consultation.